8mm Collets for Watchmaker's Lathe

New Starrett and Sherline 8mm WW Collets. We also have a limited supply of New Old Stock Peerless, Levin and Moseley 8mm collets. Peerless and Levin are 8mm WW Style. Moseley collets are the only 8mm collet that I know of to have 3 extra saw cuts in the body to give the collet leaf more flexibility. The Moseley collets are 8mm straight shoulder (vs the radius or conoidal style) and are longer than the WW style and they also have a more narrow index slot. They will work in most WW lathes by putting a washer or spacer on the end of your drawbar to effectively make it shorter. You may also have to widen the index slot of the collet or narrow your headstock index pin. Made in USA. Condition: New.
8mm Collets
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